Saturday, September 19, 2009

Journey of a Raindrop

It wrenched itself from a huge cloud. Shook free of the clutches holding it and hurtled towards the wide open arms of mother Earth. That first step from its entrapment started a long journey. That act of the rain drop to free itself inspired its innumerous siblings held captive likewise to break free as well.

Dark grey clouds chased them to grab them back into their mass but the rain drop and its siblings were too fast! Downward they all went together. Clamouring and encouraging each other to do their best. Some couldn't endure the journey and were lost but most succeeded. They were excited, enthralled to see what awaited them.

Their mother took various forms of fields and hills and oceans beneath them. Waiting to embrace them in every form she could. Further down the raindrop went... rushing towards its mother who looked forward to meeting that long lost child whom the clouds took away. Searching the vast sky for her children she waited till the clouds returned. That is when she called out to them and one of them heard her voice and responded, inspiring the others; giving them hope that they too can aspire for what the raindrop did.

Down they went. Some dancing in mid-air, some serious, some unable to express themselves, some singing songs. Birds went rushing by. Gusts of Wind stopped by to wish them luck. Some gusts bumped against them, teasing and cajoling them. Some of the raindrop's siblings teased the birds by jumping on them. The birds waved their wings and sent them down with further speed.

Blobs of dark mass became green and green turned into tree tops. Some of the raindrop's siblings liked the trees so much that they decided to make it their home. They slid down the tree tops, explored the tree and played there with their siblings who chose to make it their home too.

The raindrop saw all this and laughed. Wished them well and moved on. Its excitement increased and it increased its speed to match. Many of its siblings jumped on to everything they could see. Trees laughed and stewed flowers to welcome them. The raindrop danced through all of this and declined all the invitation from trees and plants and moved downwards.

There, Earth saw it. It saw Earth. Their joy was unmeasureable, uncontrollable. Splat! The raindrop jumped on to her. She embraced him. Splat! splat! splat! one by one the siblings all rushed to their mother.

The Sun struggled to peer through the clouds and see what the noise was all about. He smiled at the reunion. He threw rainbows across to celebrate with the raindrop and Earth.

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Pallavi said...

Nice to read this.. I love the rains.. first time here via Stone.. Will be back..

Metamorphosis said...

Nice to have you here Pallavi!