Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Lakes" in B'lore

Bangalore had some good rains this year. This was invitation to check out the outskirts. My buddies and I decided to take a look and what we found was pleasantly surprising. Reason - there are still plenty of ponds that fill up every time it rains. They are scenic.

In the dry days people use them for all sorts of purposes. Then it rains. Now the ponds assert who they are. And who they are is attracting a lot of attention.

Builders have realised that B'lore is better known for its natural beauty so why spoil it! Two beautiful ponds that we saw had builders queuing up to buy the land around them and turn them into the centrepiece for an apartment complex. A move much more welcome than drying and filling up the ponds and then using them for construction. Of course, the "lake view" apartments/villas will be much costlier than some other place but at least this preserves the water and beauty reserves of B'lore.

One of my cousins has bought land near such a "lake". The builder has taken up the charge of cleaning up the lake and maintaining it. A small amphitheater has been built on one side. A wire wall has been built around the lake so as to prevent kids from falling in. Both these put together gives young children and their families lovely open space as well as safety.

More such endeavours can be seen. Perhaps in the coming years B'lore will once more gain the reputation of being a city of lakes and gardens.