Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My cab to work passes market areas with shops, people and bad roads in abundance. There is this one particular shop that makes me want to look at it everyday. The shop is itself is obscure. Had it not been for the mannequins one may not notice the shop itself. There are 6 mannequins at the shop entrance; all lined so as to face the road [the road itself is another story :-)].

There is nothing unusually remarkable about the other mannequins either. They are normal, everyday mannequins that wear the shop clothes without any expression. They are lifeless [all mannequins are, I know that :-)]. The one that catches my eye is not what one observes on a normal basis. It has a great body, like all mannequins do. But other than that nothing about it is

Her hair is cropped very short. She is not pretty. Her long arms are kept a little away from the body. A toothless guffaw matches the expression of the arms to say that she is laughing about something. Though I'm not aware of her pet joke, still I never fail to look at her when my cab passes her shop.

I do like to sometimes guess what she might be laughing about [a dumb act you might say!!]. Maybe she is gregarious and is happy about the number of people around her or maybe she is just pepped up about the scene on the road. Whatever the reason, her sense of humour is infectious.

Her sense of dress is also very good. A fact that says the person who dresses her up each day also seems to like her as much as I do. Perhaps, he/she too is trying to guess at her joke.

But my cab does not stop there. It has to go on... and it does. There are other attractions on the way. Then again there is tomorrow...