Monday, September 10, 2007

September clouds

It is a 40 minute ride from home to work. A very long 40 minutes :-) with all the honking and traffic jams. Still there are few moments of respite as long as you avoid looking at the goings on. There are clouds in the sky; lovely September clouds; clean, white, all their dirt and water washed away in the previous months.

It is a huge community up in the sky. Big clouds, flying in the horizon; smaller clouds rushing to join them. Ever expanding, dividing, mutating clouds. Some of them still carrying a little bit of grey in them and looking like they are either trying to stand out or trying very hard to fit in and not succeeding. Still there are lots of clouds in the sky, wherever you look.

Looking at this play in the sky, without realising it, I am seven; running barefoot in the open. The fact that thorns along the way have scratched my feet, and my feet are bleeding, is totally lost on me. All I can see are clouds and feel the crisp September air rushing against me. The sun hangs heavy in the sky, either watching me or watching the clouds, I'm not sure which. All I
know is that I want to run along with the clouds and I'm following my heart's desire. I can afford to do that, I'm only seven :-) and seven year olds are not expected to think beyond running and playing.

I'm brought back to today by a single tear in my eye that does not wish to fall. It brings memories of pains and pleasures since then. A sense of loss and a sense of gain enter the mind simultaneously. Things move on just like those clouds. I wonder if these clouds ever age or do they only mutate!!

The day is bright and the sun hangs heavy in the sky. The air is crisp. Somethings don't change :-)