Sunday, November 29, 2009

Personal brand... what, why, where, how?!!

The phrase "Personal branding" has been around since I hopped on to the internet in 1997. Tom Peters knows what he is talking about and is the acknowledged or unacknowledged guru for the internet community for spreading the word. However, this post is not about Tom Peters but about Personal Branding.

What do you mean?
Well, the general idea is that we all are unique [ but ofcourse!! ] and ought to understand our uniqueness.

What will understanding our own uniqueness do for us?
It will empower us with the knowledge of what we are capable of doing. This might help -- Seeds of Thought.

Why do we need this knowledge?
We have people, careers and homes that we love. By understanding our strengths we will harness them better and will put them to effective use. We will provide ourselves with tools that will make our lives richer. We might not know what we are missing until we find it. Or maybe we don't realise all that we are already doing, right now, and this exercise might tell us all that.

How will I do this?
There are schools helping [ largely corporate professionals ] undergo this exercise. But why fear when the internet is here!! [ :) ]. This list could help you:

1. The Brand Called You
2. The Personal Branding Blog
3. Brand Yourself

Where I can get started from?
You might already be doing it!! List all the websites that you "are on". List all the blogs that you write/bookmark/comment on.

How do I analyze?
Observe what you feel looking at all that you've said in those pages. Observe the words, the expressions. Make a list of all that [ too many lists!! ].

If this works for you please do leave a comment.

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