Saturday, February 28, 2009

Latest eat-out in B'lore

I am hosting an event called Latest eat-out in B'lore. This will be hosted under the umbrella - Edibles [ Edibles is where I will post all the lovely places I visit to eat :-) ].

This is the first time I am hosting an event [am absolutely nervous!! This is going to be fun!!!].

Links to this post:

  • Bobby da dhaba
    Bangalore loves all the good things - Technology, Food and Travel, Photography, Cultural Events, everything! That is the spirit that got me to Bobby da dhaba. This is one place where you can find good Punjabi food in Bangalore... by me :-)

  • Silver Metro
    Apart from being the famous face of the IT industry, Bangalore is soon gaining a lot of ground as a foodie's paradise. Thanks to the potpourri of cultures in the IT industry, there is a prevalent practice amongst the techies to eat out as a group. And a buffet is an arrangement that works to everyone's advantage, both in terms of variety as well as price... by Andyspeak

  • Veena Stores
    Veena Stores is strategically located for good business. Right at the junction of 15th cross and Margosa road in Malleshwaram, very next to a bus stop. There are multiple reasons why this place is so much crowded... by The Speaking Mind

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Anand said...

Hey where'd you find that 'EDIBLES' pic??? Thats nice.
And dont even worry. We are certainly going to have fun on this one :)

Metamorphosis said...

Thank you Anand. I made that out of an old photo I had taken. I am excited about this event!!! Looking forward to your post!

Stone said...

Looking forward to hear more from you :-)