Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A God for everyone

Everyone needs a God. I'm not sure if this need arises because we need our wishes to be granted or it is just that we need to gather strength from somewhere beyond ourselves.

A joy, a secret, a wish... so many things can be shared with that someone whose existence we are still debating.

Tiny temples, churches and mosques jostle for space beside traffic filled roads. If it is not a structure where one can stand in and pray then it is a small statue covered enough to protect it from the elements and a little space for the person praying to stand near it. An earthen lamp or a candle declares someone visited; someone prayed.

Faith makes so many things bearable. A pain that cannot be expressed aloud is best alleviated standing before a deity. Just looking at the statue without thinking a single word and believing that the deity understands is medicine enough for the mind and soul.

God created man or man created God is immaterial, what matters is the belief that someone knows, listens, forgives, understands, judges impartially. Someone is there.


Stone said...

Beautifully written!!

provishu said...

Very true bachchi !! I fully understand what made u write this.

Yours Vish !

Stone said...

New post wanted...alive n kickin' :-)